Edward Miller’s awesome cover art for the Czech editions of China Miéville’s books

Edward Miller’s work is instantly recognisable, and graces the cover of many fantasy and SF books published in the last few decades. Miller, actually a pseudonym used by the prolific artist Les Edwards, painted the covers of the original UK editions of Perdido Street Station and The Scar; but while Pan Macmillan stopped using Miller’s art for all subsequent Miéville books, Miéville’s Czech publishers Laser Books knew that a unified look was worth sticking to. In fact, Miller has painted covers for other books released by the Czech publishers (viewable here) as well.

Collected here are the ten Miéville covers (in Czech) painted by Edward Miller. This image looks awesome when tiled on a computer desktop, by the way.

mieville10cz(click to expand)

Some of the details are excellent, especially when you view the covers up close on Miller’s (AKA Edwards’) website. Here for instance is a high-res look at the Railsea cover. Check out the figures on the gun turrets, and the alien tentacles coming down in the distant sky. It’s just wonderful.

Also, here are the ten unified UK covers, which have been employed on new and reprinted Miéville books since Embassytown‘s release in 2011.

mieville10(click to expand)

Finally, be sure to check out the website of Edward Miller, AKA Les Edward, for more art, including interior pieces painted for a limited-edition Perdido Street Station yet to be published by Subterranean Press.

One comment

  1. Thanks for collecting these all in one place. I love the Les Edward art and would kill to see it on English-language reprints.

    Just a quick note, the Subterranean Press limited edition of Perdido Street Station came out about two years ago (I know because I was lucky enough to get one before they sold out). The pullout spread of the Slakemoth is a thing of terrible beauty.

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