’s new Youtube channel is awesome


Book review blogs are now a dime a dozen, but video reviews of books are pretty rare. Well, there’s a new Youtube channel from Thomas Wagner of, called sff180, that features short-but-sweet SF/F book reviews as well as other content. The channel has high production values, evident for example in the adorably illustrated title cards for every video. Every video is slickly produced, and Wagner comes across as a natural host. The “set” of each video is the man’s enviable library — I just wish he’d show off more of it!

The video reviews are on varied SF/F material, and usually supplemented by text reviews on the main website. There’s also a weekly mailbag feature where Wagner opens all the parcels he’s received that week from publishers, and you can look on in envy as he unwraps advance copies of all sorts of new books while giving his initial impressions. It’s great fun. Check out a few of the recent reviews below, then check out the rest of the channel! I’m sure Wagner would appreciate your subscription.

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