Polynia: a new short story by China Miéville!

iceberg2After a pretty damn long drought, there’s finally word of what China Miéville’s been up to lately! Tor UK has just posted a new 25-page short story by China Miéville called “Polynia”, as well as confirmation that there’s a new short story collection coming — the date having finally been settled as June 2015!

That’s over three years since Railsea‘s publication. It’s been a long wait but Miéville fans can rejoice! If you want to hear my thoughts about what might be in the new collection, check out this post.

I haven’t even read the story yet, I’ll be doing that as soon as this blog post is up. I might then come back and edit this post with some quick thoughts about the story. EDIT: Okay, I’ve read it, and it was good! Very weird, and a bit similar to the earlier story “Covehithe”, which deals with people’s reactions to inexplicable phenomena.

Here’s the link. Enjoy!

One comment

  1. I have never read a more convincing story about childhood relationships in my life. How the kids genuinely like each other, but feel compelled to put each other down mercilessly, how shared obsessions die out at different rates, and how that causes people to lose touch or become closer. It was great, even if you totally ignore the cool “sky iceberg” concept.

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