Bas-Lag illustrations and maps by China Miéville in this WFC2013 souvenir book

FLTSMFNTST2013UPDATED MAY 15: Go and see the map now!

(original post continues below…)

I’m hyperventilating right now. No, not really. But I just discovered the existence of Flotsam Fantastique: The Souvenir Book of the World Fantasy Convention 2013 (cover pictured) and that it features a number of illustrations by China Miéville. I desperately searched online bookstores for copies, but the only one I can find is about AUD$90, way out of my price range.

The complete contents are viewable at the ISFDB page, but here’s the important stuff, all drawn by China Miéville himself:

  • A Hand-Drawn Map of New Crobuzon
  • An Image of a Ghoul (Bas Lag Monster)
  • A Frontispiece (Unused) from One of the Sections of Perdido
  • Image of an Inchman (Bas Lag Monster from Iron Council)
  • Map of the Wider Area of Bas Lag
  • An Image of the Vodyanoi from Bas Lag

Do you see that? Do you see the “Map of the Wider Area of Bas Lag”?? This is huge. This is… momentous! An official map now exists in print! I need to get my hands on it. Even just a glimpse. I need it, so bad. This is torture, knowing that it’s out there…

UPDATE: Firstly, here’s a cheaper version at PS Publishing’s website, for £25 (with postage it comes to about AUD$67). Secondly, I’ve now seen the map, and I can confirm that the Dragon Magazine version is indeed the true shape of Bas-Lag! That map though has nowhere near the amount of detail that the official map by Miéville has.


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