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A useful graphic guide to all the art referenced in The Last Days of New Paris

1-nTYYIBfQEtBLS5qYsQ2XngI had to share this link. A China Miéville fan has put together a collection of all the Surrealist artwork referenced in the new novella, The Last Days of New Paris. It should definitely help with imagining the manifs roaming the streets of Paris.

The guide is arranged by page number, so you can use it alongside the appendix of artworks included in the book.

Check it out here!

SFF180’s video review of This Census-Taker

There’s one more review of China Miéville’s new novella that I want to share, this time by the excellent Youtube book reviewer Thomas Wagner, on his channel SFF180. Watch it below, unless you don’t wish to know minor spoilers about the storyline and setting:

There’s also a text version of this review at Wagner’s website.

I’ve read/watched multiple reviews of this novella now but I’m still hazy as to exactly what the shape of the plot is, and whether you really could consider it a genre work at all. It sounds like a very nebulous — even unsatisfying — story, and my excitement is just a little dampened. Still, there’s also the novel The Last Days of New Paris to look forward to next year I suppose.

SFF180 is a really great Youtube channel, by the way (in fact I’ve blogged about it before). Wagner updates regularly, not just with reviews but also with editorial content, news about awards and the like, and weekly “Mailbag” shows which spotlight upcoming titles. You should subscribe to his growing channel; when he reaches 2000 subscribers, he promises to take viewers on a tour of his extensive library!

China Miéville’s flash fiction index (including a new piece!)

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 8.48.17 amIf you aren’t already aware, China Miéville has a blog called rejectamentalist manifesto on which he posts all manner of essays, thoughts, photos, drawings and ephemera; including, from time-to-time, ultra-short fiction (also known as flash fiction).

Yesterday he posted a new piece: “Trailer – ‘The Crawl’“, a kind of terrifying script for the trailer of an imaginary movie. It’s pretty great! That’s not all you can find on his blog though. Below I’ve compiled (and will update in future) an index of the flash fiction pieces available on his blog. Hopefully at least a few of these pieces will make it into his upcoming collection.


If I’ve left anything out please let me know!

Here’s an excellent half-hour chat with Alastair Reynolds

Sword & Laser is a fantastic SF/F online bookclub with a huge Goodreads community, an audio podcast and a Youtube channel! In their latest series of videos they’ve been doing author spotlights, where they sit down and chat with a different SF/F author each week. The latest video features one of my very favourite writers, Alastair Reynolds! The hosts sit down with Reynolds for nearly half an hour and talk about all sorts of interesting things. At one point Reynolds mentions that he’s working on a new short story set in the Revelation Space universe. Hopefully we’ll see that in a new collection sometime soon!

The interview is well worth watching, so check it out below, then go get into the other videos and podcasts!

SFReviews.net’s new Youtube channel is awesome


Book review blogs are now a dime a dozen, but video reviews of books are pretty rare. Well, there’s a new Youtube channel from Thomas Wagner of SFReviews.net, called sff180, that features short-but-sweet SF/F book reviews as well as other content. The channel has high production values, evident for example in the adorably illustrated title cards for every video. Every video is slickly produced, and Wagner comes across as a natural host. The “set” of each video is the man’s enviable library — I just wish he’d show off more of it!

The video reviews are on varied SF/F material, and usually supplemented by text reviews on the main website. There’s also a weekly mailbag feature where Wagner opens all the parcels he’s received that week from publishers, and you can look on in envy as he unwraps advance copies of all sorts of new books while giving his initial impressions. It’s great fun. Check out a few of the recent reviews below, then check out the rest of the channel! I’m sure Wagner would appreciate your subscription.