A useful graphic guide to all the art referenced in The Last Days of New Paris

1-nTYYIBfQEtBLS5qYsQ2XngI had to share this link. A China Miéville fan has put together a collection of all the Surrealist artwork referenced in the new novella, The Last Days of New Paris. It should definitely help with imagining the manifs roaming the streets of Paris.

The guide is arranged by page number, so you can use it alongside the appendix of artworks included in the book.

Check it out here!

UK and limited-press cover art for The Last Days of New Paris by China Miéville

China Miéville’s newest novella, The Last Days of New Paris, is out now from US publisher Del Rey. I’m working my way through it slowly (I don’t have a lot of time for reading lately, but for the latter half of this year I’m hoping to return to my previous pace!) and it’s pretty interesting. I might review it here when I’m done — no promises though.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some cover art for the book that has surfaced recently. First, the UK cover art for the edition to be published early in 2017, by Picador. I have no idea why the UK gets it so much later than the US, when the opposite is usually the case for Miéville (and most British authors). Here’s the cover, anyhow:


It reproduces an “exquisite corpse” collage by surrealist artist André Breton and some of his contemporaries. I must note that this artwork is included in the US edition anyway, in the front pages of the story (and in black and white). I think it’s alright as a cover artwork, but it may turn some regular fantasy readers off.

The other new cover art is from Subterranean Press’s limited edition, and like several previous China Miéville books they’ve published, it’s illustrated by Vincent Chong:


Exceedingly creepy. I haven’t got to the portion of the novel this is illustrating yet, but I assume it’s based off another piece of surrealist art. The horror-like tone doesn’t particularly match the tone of the novel, I must say. But it’s still fascinating to look at.

That’s all for now. Perhaps I’ll be back in a while with some book reviews and other content! If you’re still with me during this drought of posts, thanks for your loyalty!

The limited edition cover art for Three Moments of an Explosion is stunning

Check out the absolutely gorgeous and haunting cover art by the one and only Dave McKean, for Subterranean Press’s limited edition of Three Moments of an Explosion:


That’s just… beyond words. Too bad it’s completely sold out. I’ve never wanted a limited edition of a Miéville book so much before!

Am I the only one getting a slight Stanley Donwood vibe from it as well?

(In one more bit of Miéville news, Kirkus Reviews has their review of the new collection up now. It’s a hugely positive review and it gives some info on a handful of the new stories!)

Cover art for Poseidon’s Wake by Alastair Reynolds

Here’s the cover artwork for the UK edition of Alastair Reynolds’ new novel Poseidon’s Wake, the third in the Poseidon’s Children trilogy (sequel to Blue Remembered Earth and On The Steel Breeze).


It fits well into the new look for this trilogy, but unfortunately for my own collection (and for many others, I’m sure) it doesn’t match the original 1st Edition design for books 1 and 2. Compare the new and the old below:



Don’t you hate it when a publisher switches designs like that? I actually prefer the busier look of the original covers. They somehow made the book seem more epic. A lot of cover art these days seems to be going for the minimalist look, however. Oh well, it’s what’s inside that counts. The book is out in April, so get excited!

Cover art for China Miéville’s new collection

A quick post to say that the cover art for China Miéville’s new collection, Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories, has been released on the UK Tor blog! Feast your eyes on it:


Love it! It fits so perfectly with the current design of his back catalogue. The antlers are most likely a reference to the story “The Estate”, so that’ll probably be in the contents. Other stories almost certain to be included (according to the Tor blog post) are “Covehithe”, “Polynia”, and “The Rope is the World”. Check out my thoughts on what other stories will be included here.

I cannot wait to add this to my book shelf!


Iain M Banks’ Culture fanart by Luke J Frost — prints, cards and posters for charity!

frost_banksOver on Redbubble, the graphic artist Luke J Frost is selling prints of his excellent, minimalist Culture fan art, and donating his cut (after Redbubble have taken theirs) to the charity Safe Space — a charity supported by the late, great Iain M Banks during his life. Safe Space helps victims of sexual abuse in the UK. It’s an incredibly worthy cause, and the artwork you can buy is really awesome.

There are new book covers for most of the works in the Culture series, as well as images of numerous alien creatures from Matter (with accompanying text in the Culture writing script Marain) and the Idirans from Consider Phlebas, a portrait of two Culture drones, a depiction of a GSV (General Systems Vehicle), and more.

You can buy the images in a huge variety of sizes and formats: posters, prints (photographic, art, framed, canvas or metal) and cards (greeting cards and postcards)!


Here it is! The official map of Bas-Lag as drawn by China Miéville!

cmoblmUPDATED 19 MAY: I’m incredibly pleased to say that China himself emailed me with his added approval to post the map! Very much geeking out about it now!

(original post below…)

A while ago I told you about the WFC2013 souvenir book which had a handful of illustrations and maps by China Miéville, including somewhat of a holy grail for Bas-Lag fans: an official map showing the geography of the world Miéville created for his series.

Well, I’m pleased to report that not only did I get a hold of a copy of that book, but I also got gracious permission from Stephen Jones, editor of the souvenir book for PS Publishing, to post the double page spread here for the enlightenment and enjoyment of all Miéville fans!


Prepare for a ridiculous shit-ton of Bas-Lag fan art (and much more)

5While looking for pictures of the cactacae people from the Bas-Lag novels, I came across a Tumblr post which is a massive compilation of fan art (and other related imagery) for the Bas-Lag series. It’s a massive collection which threatened to crash my browser; just hundreds of pictures of scenery, characters, creatures, and so on, as well as quite a few non-Bas-Lag pictures that still relate thematically in some way (for instance, lots of pictures of steampunky flying machines).

So check it out here, and go nuts. Unfortunately there’s no credit given for any of the artists, but you can probably backward-image-search whatever takes your fancy and find other work by the creators.

International cover art gallery: The Scar

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 8.18.22 pmPresented here are all the foreign covers I could find for The Scar. There aren’t as many as Perdido Street Station had, because this book hasn’t been translated in as many countries as that novel.

This time around my favourites are both the old and new French covers (Les Scarifiés). The former has a cool Remade pirate (possibly Tanner Sack?) while the latter is an absolutely excellent painting of the Lovers. Look at all that detail in their scarred faces!

The old and new UK covers are also great (loving that creepy fish skeleton), as is the US cover: it’s pretty much the best cover of any US edition of Miéville’s books. The dual German covers have good art but I don’t like the version of Bellis portrayed in them. She seems too young, and what is she wearing in the second one? Turkey’s cover is a real turkey: look at that big dumb fish! It seems to be ripping off the newer UK cover as well.

What are your favourites?


International cover art gallery: Perdido Street Station

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 9.10.06 pmI’ve scoured the internet for as many foreign covers for Perdido Street Station by China Miéville as I can find. I might do the same soon for The Scar and Iron Council, and maybe China’s other books too.

There’s a great variety of cool design and illustration choices on display here. My favourites are probably the first two French ones, in all their chaoticness. I also like the newer Russian one, with the big stone-carved head. And of course the new UK one with the butterfly/balloon combo. The Croatian cover is weird though: it’s like a bizarre reappropriation of the UK one (by Edward Miller), with a really creepy looking khepri added.

Check the covers out! Clicking any of them will bring up a full screen slideshow thing. Some aren’t the best quality, sorry about that.


What do the Hosts (Ariekei) from Embassytown look like?

The Hosts (also known as the Ariekei), the aliens featured in the novel Embassytown, are one of China Miéville’s most bizarre creations. The book only gives hints as to how they look, never definitively describing them.

Collected here are, in my opinion, some of the best renditions of the Hosts by various artists. The artists are acknowledged, and linked to, under each piece. They are presented below purely for the enjoyment of Miéville fans like me.


By Liz Coshow


Maps of China Miéville’s Bas-Lag: semi-official and unofficial

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 11.34.03 PMUPDATED MAY 14: Check out the official map drawn by China Miéville here!

(Original post continues below…)

Apart from a map of New Crobuzon, the Bas-Lag novels by China Miéville have never included maps of the world. This is a shame because China describes the geography so well, and there are many places described (or at least named), beyond the places actually featured in the books. It would be so great to see how the world fits together.

Supposedly official maps exist, but China may have surrendered them to Adamant Entertainment for the much-delayed RPG Tales of New Crobuzon. Who knows if this RPG, first announced in 2008, will ever see the light of day? Updates from Adamant Entertainment about the project are nearly non-existent. It’s as if they don’t want to remind people that they should be working on it.

What fans of Bas-Lag are left with are the semi-official and unofficial attempts people have made at mapping the world. I’ll go through the best ones below.


Edward Miller’s awesome cover art for the Czech editions of China Miéville’s books

Edward Miller’s work is instantly recognisable, and graces the cover of many fantasy and SF books published in the last few decades. Miller, actually a pseudonym used by the prolific artist Les Edwards, painted the covers of the original UK editions of Perdido Street Station and The Scar; but while Pan Macmillan stopped using Miller’s art for all subsequent Miéville books, Miéville’s Czech publishers Laser Books knew that a unified look was worth sticking to. In fact, Miller has painted covers for other books released by the Czech publishers (viewable here) as well.

Collected here are the ten Miéville covers (in Czech) painted by Edward Miller. This image looks awesome when tiled on a computer desktop, by the way.

mieville10cz(click to expand)

Some of the details are excellent, especially when you view the covers up close on Miller’s (AKA Edwards’) website. Here for instance is a high-res look at the Railsea cover. Check out the figures on the gun turrets, and the alien tentacles coming down in the distant sky. It’s just wonderful.


Fantastic fan art of China Miéville’s The Scar

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.46.47 pmJust a quick link to some absolutely brilliant fan art of China Miéville’s The Scar:

City of Armada by Benjamin Sjöberg (thumbnail on left is a close-up of a portion of it)

The rest of his blog has some excellent sf/f art, including a few pieces based on Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds.

EDIT: Oh damn, I just looked back through the blog and found a ton of other Scar-based work. It’s all viewable here!