China Miéville’s Embassytown: re-read — intro & index

embassytown_re-readI was one of the lucky ones to get an ARC (advance reader’s copy) of Embassytown back in 2011, and to read and review it before it was officially released. Out of pure excitement, eagerness to review, and the desire to brag, I raced through the book. Now, three years on, I am finally getting around to a more leisurely re-read: that pleasurable second time through a book where you discover ten times the detail you did the first time around, and can appreciate the gorgeous writing and the turns of the plot much more thoroughly.

I’ll be writing up my thoughts and observations about the book and its universe as I go, but in a much less rigid way than I did for my chapter-by-chapter analysis of The Scar (which I may one day finish). Fair warning: I have no idea how many posts this re-read series will comprise, how long it’ll take, and so on. I’ll work my way through the book as I read my other 4 or 5 concurrent books, and hopefully I’ll be done before long.

I simply can’t wait for the discoveries I’ll make as I enter the Immerverse once more.

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  1. I thought the backstory (the immer, machmal, miob) stuff was amazing but the actual plot not as strong. I think it was too much first person melodramatic rambling. maybe better in 3rd person. He is still my favorite writer and glad you are a fan too.

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