International cover art gallery: Perdido Street Station

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 9.10.06 pmI’ve scoured the internet for as many foreign covers for Perdido Street Station by China Miéville as I can find. I might do the same soon for The Scar and Iron Council, and maybe China’s other books too.

There’s a great variety of cool design and illustration choices on display here. My favourites are probably the first two French ones, in all their chaoticness. I also like the newer Russian one, with the big stone-carved head. And of course the new UK one with the butterfly/balloon combo. The Croatian cover is weird though: it’s like a bizarre reappropriation of the UK one (by Edward Miller), with a really creepy looking khepri added.

Check the covers out! Clicking any of them will bring up a full screen slideshow thing. Some aren’t the best quality, sorry about that.



  1. ok i actually clicked into the post – wow these are really incredible. although i thought the PSS with the girl in black would have been from France 😛
    Have to say I think I like the Romanian one the best. Or the Russian. Or maybe Japan. Or maybe…..

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