Another 2015 China Miéville project: The Bestiary

As well as June’s short story collection, 2015 will bring another book project involving China Miéville! This one is an anthology called The Bestiary, edited by Ann VanderMeer, and it seems as though China will be illustrating the book, according to the product’s byline on the Amazon page.

However, the product description also makes it sound like China will have some written material in the book. Here’s what the description says:

A modern bestiary of made-up fantastical creatures organized from A to Z, along with an ampersand and an invisible letter, featuring some of the best and most respected fantasists from around the world, including Karen Lord, Dexter Palmer, Brian Evenson, China Mieville, Felix Gilman, Catherynne M. Valente, Rikki Ducornet, and Karin Lowachee.

Now, way back in 2011, Jeff VanderMeer posted on his blog that he and Ann had been working on the anthology, but the table of contents listed there doesn’t include China Miéville.

Some possibilities might be… China has replaced another author who dropped out; he’s the anonymous author writing for the “invisible letter”; he’s writing some kind of foreword or introduction; one of the authors listed there is a pseudonym (unlikely); or he simply will just be the book’s illustrator, without any written contribution.

Wait until August next year to find out!


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