China Miéville’s The Scar Chapter-By-Chapter: Introduction & Index

I just started reading China Miéville’s The Scar for the fourth time. I first read my brother’s copy in 2003, and to this day it remains not only my favourite of Miéville’s books, but also my favourite genre fiction book ever.

The Scar - UK cover art

The Scar – UK cover art

This time around I decided I’d share my thoughts on this blog, chapter-by-chapter. Even if nobody else out there happens to read it, it will stay here for me to look back on when, at some point in the future, I embark on my fifth read.

Not counting the prologue, epilogue and interludes, there are 47 numbered chapters in the book. I want to complete this re-read within the month of October, so I’ll aim for 2 chapters per day (and per update), throwing in interludes whenever they occur. I also want to keep a running list of all the ships of Armada. It is a fascinating city, each of its ridings and ships unique and interesting in its own way.

This post will serve as an index of all the other posts down the line. They are linked below. Note: There will be spoilers for the whole book in probably most of these posts. Don’t read them along with the book if you are enjoying The Scar for the first time!



  1. I admire your dedication to this book.
    Yes, it is brutal, and incredibly cold. I love the book, it’s one of the best I’ve ever read. The ending leaves me hating the book to its core. Uther Doul, you.

    I feel inexplicably betrayed.

  2. I recently discovered China Mieville and was completely and magically absorbed by the Scar. I loved reading your chapter posts. Thanks for the insights!

  3. Splendidly blogged. It was like revisiting an old haunt, or, more accurately, re-reading this most incredible novel; a work of pure genius in any genre. Miéville should be considered for a Man Booker Award ASAP (espc. for Embassytown!). I cannot decide which of the 3 Bas-Lag books I like best; I think they are each equally brilliant for different & very similar aspects. I appreciate your time blogging your Ch-by-Ch of The Scar. Cheers!

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