International cover art gallery: The Scar

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 8.18.22 pmPresented here are all the foreign covers I could find for The Scar. There aren’t as many as Perdido Street Station had, because this book hasn’t been translated in as many countries as that novel.

This time around my favourites are both the old and new French covers (Les Scarifiés). The former has a cool Remade pirate (possibly Tanner Sack?) while the latter is an absolutely excellent painting of the Lovers. Look at all that detail in their scarred faces!

The old and new UK covers are also great (loving that creepy fish skeleton), as is the US cover: it’s pretty much the best cover of any US edition of Miéville’s books. The dual German covers have good art but I don’t like the version of Bellis portrayed in them. She seems too young, and what is she wearing in the second one? Turkey’s cover is a real turkey: look at that big dumb fish! It seems to be ripping off the newer UK cover as well.

What are your favourites?


UPDATE 30.May.2014: Russia has a cool new cover!


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