Here it is! The official map of Bas-Lag as drawn by China Miéville!

cmoblmUPDATED 19 MAY: I’m incredibly pleased to say that China himself emailed me with his added approval to post the map! Very much geeking out about it now!

(original post below…)

A while ago I told you about the WFC2013 souvenir book which had a handful of illustrations and maps by China Miéville, including somewhat of a holy grail for Bas-Lag fans: an official map showing the geography of the world Miéville created for his series.

Well, I’m pleased to report that not only did I get a hold of a copy of that book, but I also got gracious permission from Stephen Jones, editor of the souvenir book for PS Publishing, to post the double page spread here for the enlightenment and enjoyment of all Miéville fans!

Here it is, the collection of drawings by Miéville himself, including that brilliant map:


(click the image for the hi-res version)


And now a full disclaimer of rights: The spread presented here, posted with permission, is taken from Flotsam Fantastique: The Souvenir Book of World Fantasy Convention 2013, edited by Stephen Jones. Copyright © World Fantasy Convention 2013/PS Publishing 2013. The illustrations and text are of course the creation of China Miéville.

The book also has a lot more artwork, fiction and nonfiction pieces. If you’re interested in getting a copy for yourself, head to the page for the book on PS Publishing’s website!


There’s a lot to say about the map itself, but I’ll leave most of the analysis (such as what locations are represented by all the circled red numbers) for another post. I will just comment though that the Dragon Magazine map I talked about in an earlier post is indeed based off this map, but that one misses out tons of the detail. I’m sure if some creative fan wanted, they could adapt this newly-revealed official map into a highly detailed version, using all the info from the three Bas-Lag novels.

Anyway, enjoy the scan, including all that other work I’ve barely touched upon!

UPDATE: I’m just going to leave this link here…

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