Iain M Banks’ Culture fanart by Luke J Frost — prints, cards and posters for charity!

frost_banksOver on Redbubble, the graphic artist Luke J Frost is selling prints of his excellent, minimalist Culture fan art, and donating his cut (after Redbubble have taken theirs) to the charity Safe Space — a charity supported by the late, great Iain M Banks during his life. Safe Space helps victims of sexual abuse in the UK. It’s an incredibly worthy cause, and the artwork you can buy is really awesome.

There are new book covers for most of the works in the Culture series, as well as images of numerous alien creatures from Matter (with accompanying text in the Culture writing script Marain) and the Idirans from Consider Phlebas, a portrait of two Culture drones, a depiction of a GSV (General Systems Vehicle), and more.

You can buy the images in a huge variety of sizes and formats: posters, prints (photographic, art, framed, canvas or metal) and cards (greeting cards and postcards)!

I personally bought a set of postcards (one of every piece), as well as a 1.2-metre poster version of the excellent GSV piece. The postcards have arrived already and they look excellent:


You can’t tell from the picture, but they’re printed in very high resolution. I’m eagerly looking forward to the poster arriving as well.

I urge everyone to check out the gallery and think about purchasing a piece or two!

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