Poll: What do you enjoy most about this blog?

Bg5JvSBCIAAVlG1.jpg-largeIf it hasn’t been obvious, I haven’t had a lot of time lately to write on this blog. That’s the consequence of being a full-time PhD student, I guess. But I do want to keep all this going as well. While I do fully intend to continue with all of the blog projects I’ve begun recently (Dial H reviews, Embassytown re-read, Miéville rarities, and so on), I’d like to get reader opinions about what they enjoy the most from this blog. It will help me decide what kind of thing I should prioritize when time is more limited.

Please take the time to read the poll below and vote for what you enjoy the most from Out There Books!


Thanks for your vote and your continuing readership!

One comment

  1. I like this blog as I am a huge China Mieville and Iain Banks fan. Lately I have been reading tons of Jeff Vandermeer too and Nick Harkaway. I think those are easy leaps from Mieville.

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