The Last Days of New Paris — China Miéville’s other new 2016 novel! dropped a bomb quite subtly in the last paragraph of their Three Moments of an Explosion review. It turns out This Census Taker won’t be Miéville’s only work released next year. There’s also a whole other novel, called The Last Days of New Paris!

I did some googling and I found a Chinese literary agency with further details:

THE LAST DAYS OF NEW PARIS is an intense and gripping tale set in an alternative universe: June 1940 following Paris’ fall to the Germans, the villa of Air-Bel in Marsailles, is filled with Trotskyists, anti-fascists, exiled artists, and surrealists. One Air-Bel dissident decides the best way to fight the Nazis is to construct a surrealist bomb. When the bomb is accidentally detonated, surrealist Cataclysm sweeps Paris and transforms it according to a violent, weaponized dream logic.

Wow. We really are blessed with so much new material in such a short time! I’ll update when other details are known.

UPDATE: Check out a new, longer description here!


  1. Excellent news! When I saw the title I first thought it might be a new novel in the Un Lun Dun Universe 🙂

  2. This is possibly the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Not least because that premise sounds absolutely amazing. It’s not quite on the level of “he’s releasing a Bas Lag Silmarion” but this is still great.

      1. I know, I was really hoping when he announced the book of short stories that it would be the fourth Bas Lag book (the time between releases for some reason felt to me like it was enough time for something momentous like that, turns out it’s because he’s also working on two books for 2016, but still). I still love Three Moments of An Explosion but that would have been something else.

  3. I kept thinking of Aliette de Bodard’s THE HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS while reading China Miéville’s THE LAST DAYS OF NEW PARIS. The link may seem tenuous, as the styles and stories are very different. They have in common the poetic evocation and reworking of a magic-saturated Paris after a devastating and reality-distorting event, the Magic War for THE
    HOUSE OF SHATTERED WINGS and the surrealist S-Blast for THE LAST DAYS OF NEW PARIS. Full review here:

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