It arrived today!

fxWsMeUThis is just a short post I had to make because I can’t contain my excitement. Three Moments arrived today! I ordered it from Book Depository, which shipped copies early for whatever reason, and today it was on my doorstep! That makes it more than two weeks early. I couldn’t be happier.

My plan is to post three story-by-story impressions posts as I read the collection. The first post will cover the first 10 stories, while the second and third will cover 9 more stories each. Length-wise it works out, as each group of stories divided that way runs about 145 pages. At the end of the third post I’ll give my overall impressions about the book as well.

Before I begin though, here’s some info about the book from the table of contents, which might be of interest to Miéville fans who are chomping at the bit for their copy to arrive. All of the info below is based on the UK hardcover edition, published by Pan Macmillan.

  • Exact book length: 431 pages.
  • Longest stories: “In the Slopes” and “Keep”, each 39 pages.
  • Shortest stories: “Three Moments of an Explosion” and “Four Final Orpheuses”, each 2 pages.
  • Number of stories shorter than 10 pages: 11
  • Number of stories longer than 20 pages: 8
  • Average story length: 15.4 pages
  • Finally, there’s a dedication, some acknowledgements, and an epigraph at the start of the book; but there aren’t any notes on the stories included throughout, or at the end.

The full list of stories in the collection can be found here. Now, time to start reading!


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