Cover art for Poseidon’s Wake by Alastair Reynolds

Here’s the cover artwork for the UK edition of Alastair Reynolds’ new novel Poseidon’s Wake, the third in the Poseidon’s Children trilogy (sequel to Blue Remembered Earth and On The Steel Breeze).


It fits well into the new look for this trilogy, but unfortunately for my own collection (and for many others, I’m sure) it doesn’t match the original 1st Edition design for books 1 and 2. Compare the new and the old below:



Don’t you hate it when a publisher switches designs like that? I actually prefer the busier look of the original covers. They somehow made the book seem more epic. A lot of cover art these days seems to be going for the minimalist look, however. Oh well, it’s what’s inside that counts. The book is out in April, so get excited!

One comment

  1. I just came across this cover on Goodreads and thought it was some kind of placeholder made by a user. Those candy store colours are horrible, and the yellow/pink gives me eye cancer. While I agree that the content is what really matters, I also want them to look nice on my shelf. This one is a 2nd row candiate and going to hide behind nicer looking books. And why do they make this change in the middle of a series? That makes even less sense.

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