Some more 2015 Alastair Reynolds info, including the title of the next novel

poseidonJust some quick updates on Alastair Reynolds’ output for the near future (see more in my previous post).

Firstly, the title of the third book in the Poseidon’s Children trilogy will be Poseidon’s Wake. It’s the sequel to Blue Remembered Earth and On The Steel Breeze, and should close out the saga of the Akinya family while answering a buttload of questions! Here’s the Amazon page. I’ve checked with the author himself on Twitter and he’s confirmed the title is correct! Look for it in April 2015.

Secondly, Subterranean Press is doing a “Best Of” collection of Reynolds’ short stories (and, potentially, a novella or two). It will be edited by William Schafer and Jonathan Strahan. It’s likely to include previously collected short stories as well as ones that have yet to be in a collection. Hopefully there’ll be a press release soon, but so far there’s just been an informal announcement on Twitter:

These two books will drop next year, as will the novella Slow Bullets, making 2015 a very exciting year for Reynolds fans!

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