The new China Miéville short story collection, out in June 2015


FINAL UPDATE MARCH 12TH, 2015: Full contents list and US cover!! Okay you can stop reading this post now, it’s all old speculation!

UPDATE MARCH 9TH, 2015: The book will contain 28 stories!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 5TH, 2015: Jacket description

UPDATE JANUARY 4TH, 2015: Cover art!

(2014 updates below)

UPDATE NOVEMBER 5TH: The title of the collection is Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories! Here’s the Amazon UK page.

UPDATE OCTOBER 22ND: According to Pan Macmillan’s Spring 2015 catalogue, the collection will contain “seven previously published short stories and multiple brand new, never-before-seen short stories”. Interesting… Also, the publication date is given as June 4th.

UPDATE JULY 1ST: Finally we have confirmation! The UK Tor blog has stated that the collection will be out in June 2015. What a long wait it will have been since Railsea by then!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 27TH: The date has moved again to November 20th. Keep an eye on the “Lead Titles Order Form 2014” file in the left column of this page for further updates.

UPDATE JANUARY 30TH: The latest .xls order form on Pan Macmillan’s website has pushed the release date back to November 6th, 2014. No title listed yet.

(Original post continues below…)

* * * * *

Okay, so neither a title or cover have been released yet. But numerous sources indicate that China Miéville’s next book will be coming out in June this year and it will be a new short story collection.

The collection first popped up on Amazon last year as the imaginatively titled “China Miéville Short Stories”, before disappearing again. As a fanatic who searches and practically daily for new Miéville titles (as well as his US and UK publishers’ websites), I was thrilled and immediately saved the ISBN.

That ISBN is 9780230770188, and googling it today gives mostly a bunch of automatically generated pages from other online booksellers, with numerous placeholder titles including the newly popped-up “China Miéville Novella”. The other noteworthy google result is an excel spreadsheet on Pan Macmillan’s (his UK publisher) website. The spreadsheet seems to be an order form for booksellers, and it also lists “China Miéville Short Stories” coming out on June 5th 2014. The date of revision for this file seems to be November 5th 2013, so as of that time, June 2014 was still the planned month of release.

So what could be the contents of a new short story collection? Well I was surprised when I sat down to find out how much China has published in short form since his last collection, Looking for Jake.

Here is a potential list of inclusions in the new collection:

  • “Highway 61 Revisited” (a very old story, written when China was 12, which was last seen in the collection Before They Were Giants edited by James L. Sutter in 2010)
  • “A Room of One’s Own” (a story set in the Hellboy universe, published in Hellboy: Oddest Jobs in 2008)
  • “The Rope is the World” (sci-fi story about space elevators, published on in 2010)
  • “Covehithe” (much-lauded new weird story about living oil rigs, published on in 2011)
  • “Pulvadmonitor: The Dust’s Warning” (a contribution to the second Thackery T. Lambshead collection in 2011)
  • “Estate” (a new weird story about, apparently, flaming deer in urban wastelands, published in issue 8 of The White Review2013)
  • “The Ninth Technique” (a horror story involving insects, given away in a chapbook to attendees of the 2013 World Fantasy Convention)
  • “The Design” (a new weird story about a surgeon investigating a scrimshawed skeleton, first published in McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern issue 45, 2013)
  • “Polynia” (a story about icebergs hovering over London, first published on the Tor website, July 2014)
  • various bits of flash fiction and illustration from China’s blog, rejectamentalist manifesto, including:
    • “Three Moments from an Explosion”
    • “Four Final Orpheuses”
    • “Rejected Pitch (Scrap Iron Man)”
    • “London Intrusion”
    • “Trailer – ‘The Crawl'”
  • perhaps some unused ideas from his ventures into comics, including from Swamp Thing and Dial H
  • and hopefully some other new material — my wishlist would include a new Bas-Lag novella, and a story set in Embassytown‘s Immerverse

I continue to look for titles, covers, tables of contents and so on daily, because I am a desperate fanboy whose last Miéville fix was Railsea, oh so long ago.


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